Hello! I’m Kristin!

Have you ever asked yourself “Why in the world did I want to own my own business?!? My dream is feeling more like a nightmare!”

I wholeheartedly feel you! After 20+ years, I know the overwhelming amount of time & energy it takes to own and run a business.  To-do’s and Must-do’s continually grow while your passion and drive dwindle away. You lose sight of your goals and the reasons why you are doing this all in the first place.

I help business professionals like you optimize their time and minimize their stress so they can actualize their dreams of success.

While you focus on the areas of your business that light you up & expand your opportunities, I’m here to take action on secondary projects like automation, technical communications & graphic design.

These are definitely important for the success of your business, yet often lead to loss of passion & a lack of fulfillment for what was once your greatest dream!

Not sure if a Virtual Partner is right for you?

 Kristin, with Virtual Partner Services, was such an asset during my stores transition from Etsy to Shopify. She made the process feel seamless. Her advice and hands-on approach helped me create the perfect vision for my brand and I’m so thrilled with the end result. For an artist that just wants to create, having someone take the hard work out of marketing and all the background website work is a dream come true. I highly recommend Virtual Partner Services!

Faith P.

Artist, Sunshower Designs

We love working with Kristin! We first had her design our branding and loved her so much we hired her monthly to handle all of our email marketing, web management, design tasks & bills! Keeping up with all the regulations when COVID 19 hit was seriously impossible for salons. We were especially thankful that we had Kristin during that time because she stayed up to date on the rules & closures while keeping us organized and calm so we could focus on our clients:)

Frances H.

Owner/Creator, CHROMA HAIR LAB

Kristin helped me navigate the complicated ins and outs of the non-profit world. I am a new Executive Director and with her prior knowledge she helped me compile my business plan that was acccepted by the board! She also had great advice on how to manage my social media and fundraising ideas. Kristin has been pivotal in my nonprofit development and my success.

Mike McT.

Executive Director, Boredom Fighters